I've been designing toys and children's products for just over 17 years and am a continuous seeker of knowledge to grow my design toolbox.

I've worked to develop a diverse background in design which I believe only helps me to view every new project with fresh eyes and a unique perspective.

After graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology I began my career at New Balance Athletic Shoe, designing for both the international and kids market. I then went to Fisher-Price, where I had previously interned in college. I spent eight years there and loved every minute. 

Life then moved me to the Midwest, where I currently live. I was able to work in packaging with Kimberly-Clark, design accessories for Trek Bicycle, and furniture for Delta Children's Product while living here.

I began designELF seven years ago right before my first child was born. I've been lucky enough to work with so many amazing companies while constantly being re-fueled with inspiration from my two young daughters.

When I'm not wrapped up in creative endeavors I'm in constant motion. Running, swimming, boxing, taking a yoga class, or teaching a yoga class.

Never stop playing,